There is a secret spot only an hour and a half from downtown Phoenix where you can fish and camp year-round. Riverside Campground in Tonto National Forest is beautiful, serene, and the perfect spot to cast a line and catch your dinner. When it comes to secret fishing spots in Arizona, this one is definitely lesser-known, which makes it all the sweeter.

Check out this gorgeous aerial view of the Verde River, which you won’t be too far from at all while camping here:

Have fun finding this hidden fishing spot in AZ. You’ll come home with some excellent memories and fish stories, even if you don’t come home with any actual fish! Do you know of any delightful, secret fishing spots in Arizona? Let us know… if you’re willing!

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Secret Fishing Spots in Arizona

  1. Are there any secret fishing spots in Arizona? 

Arizona is pretty amazing, and anyone who doesn’t think there’s some excellent fishing in Arizona is someone who simply thinks wrong. We’ve got a plethora of fun, secret fishing spots in Arizona, such as:  

  • Ashurst Lake – Fish for rainbow trout at this stunning small lake in Coconino County.  
  • Big Lake – This lake definitely lives up to its name; it’s large, beautiful, and home to some of the best fishing in the southwest!  
  • Canyon Lake – Even some locals don’t know this one exists! Canyon Lake is astonishingly beautiful, and it’s home to some excellent fishing, too.  

Learn more about each of these secret fishing spots in AZ, and then some.   

  1. How big is Roosevelt Lake in Arizona?

Roosevelt Lake is located about 80 miles from Phoenix and is easily one of the most beautiful lakes in the Sonoran Desert. It’s about 33 ½ square miles in size, and it’s the largest lake/reservoir to be entirely located within the state of Arizona. It’s also got the largest water storage capacity of the lakes in AZ managed by the Salt River Project, able to store up to 2.9 million acre-feet of water.  

  1. How many lakes in Arizona are there? 

Arizona might be located in the heart of the desert, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t home to some truly beautiful lakes! Arizona is home to an impressive 128 beautiful lakes – most of which are man-made – but all of which are stunning. Some of the best lakes in Arizona are ones like: 

  • Chevelon Canyon Lake – This lake is a hidden gem found in Coconino County, but you can only access it via a rough dirt road and some hiking. Worth it, though.  
  • Lake Havasu – We can’t list the lakes in Arizona without mentioning the world-famous Lake Havasu, which is as beautiful as it is fun.  
  • Lake Pleasant – This lake is one of the most popular things to do among the AZ locals during the warm months.  

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