The 14 Best Alabama Waterfalls According to Locals & Travel Experts

Who doesn’t love waterfalls? If you’re one of the many people who do, you’re in luck, because Alabama is home to many of them. While several of the waterfalls require a strenuous hike to reach them, many others are easily accessible. If you find yourself in Alabama asking, “Where are there waterfalls near me?,” listed below are 14 of the best Alabama waterfalls that are easy to access. You’ll want to visit them all!


Have you been to any of these Alabama waterfalls? If so, what did you think? Were they easy to access? Let us know in the comments.

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Waterfalls Near Me in Alabama

February 26, 2022

Are these trails to waterfalls in Alabama easy, intermediate, or difficult?

All of the waterfalls on this list are easy to get to. You'll find the all six of them are only steps away from where you park. You won't have to worry about taking strenuous of uneven trails when visiting these waterfalls.

What's the best time of year to visit Alabama waterfalls?

Anytime of year is great to visit these waterfalls. They may be flowing most heavily in the springtime due to spring rains, but all of these waterfalls are flowing to some extent all year. You can enjoy them no matter what the season.

Is it possible to visit several of these waterfalls in one day or trip?

All of these waterfalls are in the northern part of the state of Alabama. You could probably see them all in one day if you really tried, but what's the rush? You'll probably have a better time if you take it easy and visit only one or two.

However, with that said, some of these waterfalls are close to reach other. Kinlock Falls and Cold Water Falls are about an hour apart in the northwestern portion of the the state. The other four - DeSoto, High Falls, Little River Falls, and Noccalula Falls, are all in the northeast. All of these waterfalls are a few hours from Birmingham if you are visiting the capital and feel like getting out into nature a bit!

What should I bring with me to enjoy the falls?

Be sure to wear sturdy shoes - things can get slippery near waterfalls! You can swim at some of these waterfalls, so you might want to bring your swimsuit. Bring some water to drink and your camera. You might also want to bring a picnic lunch or a notebook for drawing or journaling. Enjoy!