There’s no denying that Alabama is a hidden gem when it comes to nature. Many incredible natural wonders are located throughout the state, including dozens of waterfalls and more than 4,200 caves. That’s right! More than 4,200 caves have been discovered right here in the Yellowhammer State. If you’ve ever wanted to visit some of Alabama’s most incredible waterfalls or explore some of its incredible caves, one of the best ways to do this is to take a weekend getaway. Listed below are seven of Alabama’s most incredible waterfalls and caves that are great for including on a weekend getaway. A mapped route is also listed. This should make it much easier to experience all seven of the waterfalls and caves in a single weekend.

Have you ever wondered “are there waterfalls near me?” If so, now you know just where to look. Have you ever been to any of these waterfalls or caves in Alabama? If so, please share your experience(s) with us in the comments. For more information about Cathedral Caverns, be sure to take a look at the following article: There’s No Attraction In The World Like This One In Alabama.

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Waterfalls Near Me

What are some of the best waterfall hikes in Alabama? 

Alabama is an awesome place with lots of spellbindingly beautiful waterfalls that look like something out of a fairy tale or Middle Earth instead of the American south. There are lots of lovely hiking trails with waterfalls in Alabama, and some of our favorites include the awe-inspiring Walls of Jericho Trail, which is near Estillfork and is rated as hard. It’s long, too, at 8.1 miles in length, so make sure your skills and endurance are up to par for that one! An easier trail for those who prefer little challenge on a relaxing hike is the Sougahoagdee Falls trail, which is in the William B. Bankhead National Forest and is rated as easy. It’s half the length of Walls of Jericho, at exactly four miles long. We also love the Lost Sink Trail, at Keel Mountain Preserve; that one is moderately difficult and is 3.9 miles long. Finally, check out Little River Canyon; tucked on the Little River Canyon Nature Preserve is an awesome 1.4-mile trek with a waterfall along the way that can’t be missed. Feeling kind of laid-back today? Check out this list of easy-access waterfalls that don’t require a hike to reach! 

What are the most amazing waterfalls in Alabama?  

Well, considering there are so many waterfalls in Alabama, it’s kind of hard to decide which ones are the most amazing – after all, it’s kind of subjective. However, some noteworthy falls in Alabama include every waterfall mentioned above, and so many more. There is also Indian Falls, near Fort Payne, which features a heavenly 20-foot plunge into a crystal-clear ravine, as well as natural gems like DeSoto Falls, King’s Shower Falls, Grace’s High Falls (the tallest in the state at 133 feet tall), and Kinlock Falls. Can you tell we're obsessed with waterfalls? Can you blame us? How lucky are we that Alabama has so many?

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