The Hike In Alabama That Takes You To Not One, But TWO Insanely Beautiful Waterfalls

It’s no secret Alabama is a hiker’s dream! Hikers come from all over the world to explore our scenic trails. While some of these trails are quite easy, others are much more challenging. Luckily, most all of Alabama’s hiking trails feature an abundance of beautiful natural scenery, including the Chinnabee Silent Trail. To learn all about this scenic trail, including two of its most beautiful features, take a look below:

Have you ever hiked the lovely Chinnabee Silent Trail? If so, please share your experience with us in the comments; we love hearing your tales of adventure (or relaxation). Also, share with us your favorite hiking destination! Maybe you’ll see yours covered someday.

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Address: Chinnabee Silent Trail Parking Lot, AL-281, Lineville, AL 36266, USA
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March 07, 2022

What are some of the best hiking trails in Alabama?  

Alabama is home to more than 800 awe-inspiring hiking trails weaving through the state like veins. There’s something for everyone here, from the earliest of beginner hikers to expert hikers that prefer a near-death experience to a paved path (okay, maybe not that extreme, but still). Some of the best hiking trails in Alabama tend to be the ones most often trekked; those trails include the Walls of Jericho Trail, in Estillfork. It’s rated as hard, and it’s eight miles of challenging trail, but the payoff is beautiful and quite worth it. It’s very scenic, and you’ll fall in love with Alabama all over again once you take it. Then, tucked within the Talladega National Forest, there’s a hike that’s quite a bit easier (though not totally easy) called the Cave Creek Trail. You begin at the Cheaha Trailhead and follow a map (which is easier to read as the trail can be poorly marked in places) to end up at an epic overlook unlike most in this state. So, what if you don’t feel like hiking but want to check in with some of Alabama’s waterfalls? No worries – check out this list of easy-access waterfalls in Alabama! 

How many hiking trails are there at Cheaha State Park in Alabama?  

At the time of this writing, there are 12 hiking trails to choose from at Cheaha State Park. The most popular one is the Hernandez Peak/McDill Point Trail, a 4.9-mile trek through beautiful woodlands that leads to awe-inspiring views of what seems like the whole park. If you need something more kid-friendly, check out the Pulpit Rock Trail, which is just 0.6 miles long and quite easy (though there are some parts that can get a little rocky, so do be aware of that). Want a challenge? Check out the long and epically challenging Cheaha Wilderness 30-Mile Loop, which is actually 28.9 miles and is a multi-day endeavor to be taken by serious hikers. There are more, obviously, but those ones are the ones we would begin with if we were planning a trip.  

Address: Chinnabee Silent Trail Parking Lot, AL-281, Lineville, AL 36266, USA