You May Not Like These Predictions About Wisconsin’s Wild Upcoming Winter

The new Farmer’s Almanac predictions were just released and it seems like were in for a bit of a wild ride here in Wisconsin this winter. The good news is, everywhere across the state is expected to get warmer than normal temperatures this winter. You can imagine that the bad news involves the white fluffy stuff. Predictions for different parts of the state fluctuate quite a bit, meaning we could be in for a wild winter in Wisconsin.

The state is roughly cut into three different sections for these predictions and each area is getting different weather. Most of the state’s predictions are tied the Upper Midwest – Minnesota, the UP and bits of the Dakotas. There’s a line that cuts roughly from LaCrosse over to Manitowoc and everything above that is one category. The southern part of the state is divided roughly down from Wautoma, with the western part getting lumped in with the Heartland and the eastern part joining the lower lakes area.

In the end, it’s just the Farmer’s Almanac prediction, but there’s usually plenty of truth in these forecasts. Folks looking to enjoy some winter activities up north might be looking elsewhere for frozen lakes and snow on the ground.

What do you think? Are you happy with these predictions, or not? If we do indeed get more snow, as good Wisconsinites we’ll just head out to toboggan, build old school ice castles, and play!