The Sinister Story Behind This Popular Texas Creek Will Give You Chills

You’ve probably seen the sign for this creek a million times while traveling on I-10, and you probably found the name quite amusing. Well, I’m telling you right now that what you passed wasn’t just a body of water given a strange name because someone was bored – it has a sinister backstory that you probably had no idea about. Woman Hollering Creek between San Antonio and Seguin is haunted by one of the most well-known ghosts in Texas, so visit at your own risk.

Check out this video of a paranormal crew exploring the site:

If you choose not to heed this warning, you can find the creek near I-10 between Seguin and San Antonio. Maybe even add it to this road trip to the most haunted places in the state.

Have you ever been to Woman Hollering Creek? Are there any other haunted bodies of water in Texas?