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8 Shocking Things You Had No Idea Happened In Idaho

Idaho’s long and somewhat undocumented “New Frontier” history means that our great state still has large portions of its past that are shrouded in mystery, with many of its secrets, happenings, and even beloved pastimes falling victim to the passage of time. But as the center of a number of controversial and unexpected historical events, Idaho has made headlines a number of times in ways that have, not unsurprisingly, been overlooked in history textbooks. Today, we’ve dug up a few interesting tidbits about the Gem State that you might not have heard before, both good and bad — some present-day, and some from decades past.

  1. Until 1948, Idaho’s skies were filled with parachuting beavers.

It doesn’t appear that any beavers were harmed during this re-population process, but I think I can safely say that these little guys were happy to have their feet back on the ground after their skydiving ordeal.

WHOA. Who knew? Stay tuned for Part II of this series as we check out even more of Idaho’s little-known pieces of history!





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