The Incredible Moment When Wisconsin Will Go Dark That Will Go Down In History

For the first time in 99 years, a total solar eclipse will cross over the United States and for about two minutes, the sun will disappear from sight. The last time a total solar eclipse happened over America was 1979, but the last time the path of totality crossed from one coast to the other was 1918. The Great American Eclipse of 2017 will occur on August 21st. Though eclipses themselves aren’t very rare, being able to see a total eclipse from a spot on Earth is. Only about a 100 mile-wide swath of the country will be able to see the full eclipse. Unfortunately, Wisconsin is not in the path of totality for this. Wisconsinite can either plan a trip south – near St. Louis seems to be the easiest spot – or they can appease themselves with the partial eclipse that will be visible across the state – from 90% coverage to 70%.

Here’s more on this incredible historic moment and how you can prepare for it:

In Wisconsin, we should be able to start viewing the eclipse just before 12 pm with maximum coverage happening around 1:20 pm. The eclipse should finish just before 3 pm.

Make sure you take precautions if you’re planning to watch the eclipse. It’s been nearly 99 years since an eclipse like this and it is well worth observing if you are in the area.

For more information on this incredible once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon, be sure to visit the official website for the Great American Eclipse here.