Take The Wisconsin Brewery Trail For A Weekend You’ll Never Forget

Here in Wisconsin, we love beer. Maybe it’s due to the German heritage of so many of our residents or maybe it’s because winters are long and we need to stay warm and occupied. Whatever the reason, there are now more than 200 different breweries and brewpubs in our great state. Though it would be an awesome goal to visit them all, that’s probably nigh on impossible. And there are plenty of big name spots that most any Wisconsin beer drinker has been to and toured. This road trip isn’t about those places, either. This is a trip that takes you to a few areas of the state with high concentrations of breweries that may be a little less well-known. Some of these spots are small and virtually unknown to anyone but locals. Some have bigger name brews, but you’ve probably never been to their tap room. You could set up a pretty amazing brewery road trip most anywhere in Wisconsin, but this one in the central part of the state takes you to some pretty amazing spots and you’re going to want to start planning right away!

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