In a state that’s cold and snowy for most of the year, you have to learn to embrace winter. That means loving snow, going all out for the holidays and generally finding ways to forget that it’s cold and wet and slippery out there. That’s why you’ll often find folks here in Wisconsin that start their Christmas celebrations before the Thanksgiving leftovers are even finished. We love a good holiday display and we know that we have to get those lights up sooner rather than later. Lucky for us, that means that some pretty spectacular holiday light displays are up for a minimum of six weeks each year, giving us plenty of time to take in the wonder and sparkle. There are great lights displays all over the state, but this trip takes you all over the middle of the state to find some of the twinkliest, prettiest, most over the top light displays in Wisconsin. City displays can be kind of spread out, so we’ve included some of the coolest private home displays you’ve ever seen to fill in the gaps and keep your spirits bright.

An editable version of this map is available here.

Are there other homes or public displays in these area you love to visit? Let us know about it in the comments! Learn more about the awesome displays in La Crosse and Oshkosh and start planning your trip!

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