Hike This Ancient Forest In Wisconsin That’s Home To 300-Year-Old Trees

Unfortunately, Wisconsin’s long logging history means that there is little old-growth forest left in the state. Logging was such a huge early industry for our country and in places that were settled and lived in early on in our history, old-growth forest is few and far between. Much of the Northwoods was wiped out in the past 150 years. While we’re lucky that restoration has meant that there are still a ton of trees and forests, it is a bit sad to note how much of our landscape was taken away. Estimates say that there is just 1% of Wisconsin’s forest that can be termed old-growth. Cathedral Pines State Natural Area protects much of what is left of Wisconsin’s old-growth forest and we have a woman named Lucy Rumsey to thank for it.

Cathedral Pines State Natural Area is located at Brook Rd, Townsend, WI 54175.

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