Wisconsin has a long and fascinating history stretching back to a time well before history was recorded. The state and its people have gone through cycle after cycle of changes, and at times those changes have meant leaving behind a little piece of the past. All of the town below were abandoned for one reason or another and now stand empty, simply existing as ghosts of our collective past.

9. Ulao

In the mid-1800s, Ulao was a major port in Ozaukee county, but the area will forever be remembered for an infamous resident. Founded by an enterprising businessman looking to take advantage of Lake Michigan and the money available in the logging industry, he hired two land surveyors to help lay out the area in streets and land plots. The son of one of those men is Charles Guiteau – the man who assassinated president Garfield. It was also home to displaced Strangeite Mormons who’d left Voree, Wisconsin for Beaver Island, Michigan before fleeing to Ulao.

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