With access to so much of the very best and freshest foods in the country, we Wisconsinites are absolutely spoiled for dining out options. So it’s no surprise that the famous restaurants in Wisconsin offer spectacular dining experiences.

Even with an awesome restaurant revolution across the state in recent years, there are still a few places that have stood the test of time and have reputations that more than precede them. But even with those great reputations (and longer wait times) there are some place in town that absolutely and continually live up to their hype. Here are 11 spots across the state that come highly recommended over and over, get great reviews and have awesome word of mouth, but live up to their reputations:

These are definitely not the only wildly popular spots that are worth their hype, but we want to hear from you. Have you been to any of these famous restaurants in Wisconsin? What local eateries get a lot of attention but still manage to be worth whatever effort comes with a visit? Let us know in the comments.

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