Truth be told, there are few places as magical as the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. The Evergreen State is especially majestic in its rugged coastal landscapes, towering volcanic peaks, and serene waterfalls. It may be no secret that hiking is among the best ways to immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of these natural environments. As such, we’ve prepared a guide to help you discover a wide array of the best hiking trails in Washington. We also recommend that you try AllTrails+ for free so that you can record your hikes, download maps, and search for other trails in your area.

Best Hikes in Washington

With at least 3,500 hiking trails in the state of Washington, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide where to start when selecting your next hiking adventure. Rest assured that we’ve done the hard work for you: we’ve searched high and low to narrow down the absolute best hikes in Washington, and we’re confident you’ll love them. With views like these below, how could you not?

Best Short & Easy Hikes in Washington

We acknowledge that there are various levels of hiking ability out there, and we are firm believers that hiking in Washington is a wonderfully rejuvenating outdoor activity that should be accessible to everyone. If you’re searching for a shorter, easier hike that still offers a taste of Washington’s natural beauty, you’ll be delighted by these short and easy trails.

Hardest Hikes in Washington

If you’re a more experienced hiker craving some serious challenge and endurance in your hiking adventure, you’re in luck: Washington offers no shortage of difficult trails. These trails are quite lengthy in distance and are intended to be approached as backpacking endeavors, meaning you’ll likely be splitting the journey over a couple of days and camping out in the woods. But what better way to immerse yourself in nature? Just be prepared: you’ll need to put some serious work and planning into these hikes.

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Best Waterfront Hikes in Washington

Who doesn’t love walking alongside a peaceful river or being rewarded with a pristine alpine lake at the end of the hike? Or better yet, how about listening to the rhythmic crashing of ocean waves along the shore as seagulls call to each other while gliding along the gentle coastal breeze? If this sounds like your cup of tea, then you’ll love these best waterfront hikes in Washington.

Best Winter Hikes in Washington

Hiking isn’t just a summertime activity; in fact, some of the most mesmerizing landscapes can only be seen and experienced during the winter. You’ll want to bundle up and strap on your snowshoes for these hikes, but we promise you: the winter wonderland scenery you’ll witness is well worth enduring the chilly temperatures for.

Best Hikes near Olympia

Perhaps you have plans to visit Washington’s capital city of Olympia in the near future and are hoping to find some nearby hikes to find some quiet time away from city life. If so, you’ll be pleased to discover the many hiking trails of varying levels within a short drive. These trails are not only beautiful, but they are also accessible to virtually all hiking abilities.

Did any of your favorite trails make it onto our list of best places to hike in Washington? Which hike are you most excited to add to your Washington hiking trail bucket list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Best Hikes In Washington

Does Washington have good hiking trails?

Washington has an endless number of good hiking trails! A selection of the best hiking trails you won't want to miss includes the following:


You'll find no shortage of beautiful trails of all difficulty levels in the Evergreen State, from gentle boardwalk trails to multi-day backpacking excursions. Washington is home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the country.

What are the best months to hike in Washington?

The best months to hike in Washington for the best weather conditions are late spring and summer. Winter hiking is certainly beautiful as well, however, and many hikers love to snowshoe and cross-country ski in the winter months. The plus side of winter hiking - aside from the pristine snow-covered landscapes - is far fewer crowds to contend with. Simply put: hiking in the Evergreen State is stunning year-round. As always, be sure to check trail and weather conditions, and bring adequate clothing and layers for the conditions, along with plenty of water before you head out. And be sure to Leave No Trace and keep these beautiful trails as natural and clean as they were before you arrived.

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