Iceberg Point Trail Is A Hidden Gem Of An All-Season Hike In Washington

We’re pretty lucky to get to experience all four seasons here in Washington. That being said, there are some spots in the state that see less snow than others, and those places are ideal for the best winter hikes in Washington. If you’re heading to the San Juan Islands anytime soon, we highly recommend checking out the Iceberg Point Trail. Not only is it a beautiful hike in any season, but it’s great for all skill levels.

Have you ever visited Iceberg Point? Do you agree that it’s one of the best all-seasons trails, and possibly even one of the best winter hikes in Washington? Let us know in the comments below — we’d love to hear from you!

Address: Iceberg Point, Lopez Island, WA 98261, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

best winter hikes in Washington

December 29, 2021

What is the snowiest place in Washington?

If you’re someone who appreciates winter weather, Washington is a great place to visit or live. The Evergreen State is no stranger to snow, although it largely depends on what region you happen to be visiting. The snowiest places in Washington also happen to be among the snowiest places in the entire United States. This title belongs to both Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker, which receive upwards of 645 inches of snowfall each year! The snowiest towns in the Evergreen State include Mead, Airway Heights, Fairwood, and Spokane.

Which attractions in Washington should I visit during the wintertime?

Many visitors are surprised to learn that some of Washington’s most popular attractions are just as memorable during the wintertime. You might even argue that they’re more fun to experience during the cold-weather season. That’s certainly the case with the following destinations: Heather Lake Trail near Granite Falls, Shi Shi Beach in Olympic National Park, Waterfront Park in Leavenworth, Beacon Rock State Park near Vancouver, Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park, Green Lake Park in Seattle, Ozette Triangle in Olympic National Park, Riverside State Park in Spokane, Lake Sylvia State Park in Montesano, and Enchanted Valley in Olympic National Park. For more information about these places, check out our previous article: Here Are 10 Spots In Washington You Must Explore This Winter.

What are some of the best winter trails in Washington?

Hiking in Washington is an activity that can be enjoyed year-round. Some of our favorite winter hiking destinations include Padilla Bay, Thunder Creek, Beacon Rock Trail, Crab Creek Wildlife Area, Cowiche Canyon, Ozette Triangle Trail, Lord Hill Regional Park Trail, Fort Ebey State Park, and Icicle Gorge Loop. Learn more about these awesome winter hikes in Washington.

Address: Iceberg Point, Lopez Island, WA 98261, USA