There’s Something Magical About These 9 Vermont Lakes In The Summer

Magical doesn’t even begin to describe the lakes we have here in Vermont. Surrounded by mountains and showcasing spectacular sunrises and sunsets, these bodies of water are so tranquil and calming, that it’s no wonder they’re some of the best lakes in Vermont.  If you enjoyed our first article about beautiful lakes in Vermont, then you’re going to love this. Happy Vermonting!

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best lakes in Vermont

May 13, 2022

What are the most beautiful hikes in Vermont?

Many of the most beautiful hikes in Vermont can be found within our state park system. Clocking in at about four miles, the Mount Pisgah Trail offers some of the most beautiful scenery in Vermont, including views of Lake Willoughby. Few people know you can hike up a volcano in Vermont, Mt. Ascutney. The Weatherfield Trail will take you to the summit of the non-active volcano, with jaw-dropping panoramic views along the way.

Which state parks should I visit in Vermont?

There are 55 state parks in Vermont, and you could spend a lifetime exploring them all. One of the most popular state parks in Vermont is Emerald Lake State Park, but if you prefer to step off the beaten path and visit one of the lesser-known state parks in Vermont, try Niquette Bay State Park or Taconic Mountains Ramble State Park, one of the newest state parks in Vermont.

Can I camp right on the water in Vermont?

Absolutely! There are plenty of bodies of water in Vermont with campgrounds nearby. Half Moon State Park offers beautiful cabins and primitive campsites situated right on the water’s edge. Molly’s Falls is another wonderful campground in Vermont, located about two hours northeast of Half Moon. You'll want to get there early and claim a spot, the park only has five campsites and they are on a first-come, first-served basis.