Nature Is Reclaiming This One Abandoned Vermont Spot And It’s Actually Amazing

The Hyde Manor was once the crown jewel of Sudbury, Vermont. A massive hotel built with the best materials and furnishings, it was a playground for the wealthy to ski, golf, or gamble the days away. Not one, but two fires ruined the magnificent structure, and after five generations of family ownership, the hotel now lies dormant, unsafe for even the bravest of explorers. After years of neglect, nature is finally reclaiming this once grand place, but the stories and history continue to be told.

Please note, while the Hyde Manor may never be revived like it was at its peak, this is not an abandoned property and trespassing is not allowed, nor is it safe. We are fortunate to have these pictures to give you insight to both the story behind this magnificent manor, as well as views of what it has become today.