The Country’s Largest Abandoned Asbestos Mine Is Right Here In Vermont

Did you know that there is an abandoned asbestos mine in VT? There sure is, and it’s huge!

Asbestos was first discovered on Belvidere Mountain in the Eden/Lowell area of Northern Vermont in 1823. Mining began in 1902 on the southwest side of the mountain and it continued until the mine was shut down in 1993. Today, large piles of remains are still there totaling about 30 million tons of asbestos tailings. Since its closure, there have been talks, plans and agreements on how to deal with the former Vermont Asbestos Group’s former mine, although not much appears to have been done. Let’s take a look at this abandoned asbestos mine and later we’ll give you some links for further reading.

We’ve also included a fascinating YouTube video by Adventureswithme but please note we do not recommend exploring this place for yourself.

For more information about this abandoned spot, here are some interesting articles by News & Citizen, and VTdigger.

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