We have a surprising number of abandoned places in Vermont. The Green Mountain State has a long history, so many once-thriving places have fallen by the wayside as time goes by and the world changes. One unexpected place that you might not think would be here is an abandoned mine in Vermont: the Elizabeth Copper Mine. In truth, the Elizabeth Copper Mine is a feast for the eyes – it’s undeniably gorgeous. However, it’s one place that’s better enjoyed in photos than in person. Please note that the Elizabeth Copper Mine in Vermont is on private property, so accessing the area is considered trespassing. It’s a beautiful place to explore via photos, though! Continue reading to learn about one of the most fascinating abandoned mines in Vermont. 

Shoutout to VTHomeGrownHD for the video of this abandoned mine shaft!

Most of us would probably prefer to enjoy this super-contaminated site from afar, but these souls are jumping, diving, and flipping their way into the beautiful water.

If you’ve been searching for “abandoned mine shafts near me,” take caution, however. These abandoned places in Vermont have been left untouched for a reason! That said, you can break out your (inner) urban explorer by checking out photos of some other incredible abandoned places in VT.

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What are some more abandoned places in Vermont?

The town of Glastenbury is one of the most fascinating abandoned places in Vermont.

We actually have an entire abandoned town in Vermont. This Green Mountain State ghost town was once a thriving community of nearly 300 citizens back in the late 1800s. After the town was flooded, it ended up abandoned, and creepily enough, over the last several decades, several disappearances have occurred in the area. The bodies have never been found and rumors fly about the ghost town being haunted.

Are there any haunted places in Vermont?

The Equinox Hotel in Manchester is one of the most haunted places in Vermont you can visit.

Besides the aforementioned Glastenbury, we've got plenty of other haunted places in Vermont. If you've ever wanted to stay at a haunted hotel, the Equinox in Manchester is allegedly haunted by the spirit of Mary Todd Lincoln. Yes, that Mary Todd Lincoln... President Abraham Lincoln's wife. She stayed in the hotel and then later planned to return in 1865 with her husband, but he was assassinated before their visit. Employees claim to have seen Mrs. Lincoln and a small child at the hotel many times over the years.

What are the creepiest cemeteries in Vermont?

Some haunted cemeteries in Vermont include:

  • Craftsbury Cemetery, Craftsbury
  • Hope Cemetery, Barre
  • Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington


Like many cemeteries in New England, there are plenty of graveyards in Vermont that are said to be especially creepy or haunted. The history of the area, along with old colonial urban legends, means that there are plenty of rumors abounding about cemeteries in the Green Mountain State. Green Mount Cemetery is said to be particularly haunted. There are reports of floating orbs over the graves, sights of spirits, and plenty more.

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