Everyone In Texas MUST Visit This Epic Natural Spring As Soon As Possible

When we think of natural springs in Texas, our mind automatically jumps to Hamilton Pool. Not to say that’s unwarranted – it’s arguably the most beautiful place in our entire state. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other contenders that give it a run for its money. Plus, the more well-known attractions in the hill country are always packed with tourists during the spring and summer, so you can’t really get the full experience of the serenity and majesty of nature anyway. There’s a slightly more secluded, less publicly known place in Spicewood that’s extremely beautiful in every way possible. That place is Krause Springs, and I guarantee it’ll be on your bucket list after reading this article.

My spring break plans just got a whole lot more interesting. Have you ever been to Krause Springs? Are there any other natural springs in Texas that are worth a visit? Let us know in the comments!