As somber as abandoned places in Texas are, for some strange reason, we can’t stay away from them. We grow sorrowful at the thought of once-thriving businesses or schools that are now nothing more than a pile of ruins but remain fascinated with the possibility that something sinister could be lurking inside. Here’s your opportunity to entertain that dark fantasy and visit nine of the creepiest abandoned places in Texas. As usual, the Google Map for this Texas road trip can be customized to your location and preferred destinations!

Who’s ready to do some exploring? I know I am. Do you know of any other abandoned places in Texas that immediately give you the creeps? Let us know!

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Abandoned Places in Texas

What are some other abandoned places in Texas I should visit?

Another abandoned place in Texas to visit is Glenrio. Here are some facts about this town:

  • This town straddles the border between Texas and New Mexico and is another roadside casualty along Route 66.
  • This southwestern border town was founded in 1901 as a popular intersection for many of the growing railroad lines across America.
  • It was a beautiful place filled with wheat fields and cattle; some movies, such as “The Grapes of Wrath,” even had scenes filmed here.
  • Alas, its location on the border put it betwixt and between two states, neither of which were willing to cede control.
  • Two post offices, two gas stations, two state taxes ... between this and the dying railroad industry, Glenrio was doomed from the beginning.
  • In 1955, the Rock Island Railroad Depot closed, and by the 1980s, all but two residents remained.
  • Today, curious explorers can drive through this ghost town and imagine what life was once like in this abandoned Texas ghost town.

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