Most People Have No Idea This Underwater City In Texas Even Exists

The myth of Atlantis is one that goes back many generations, one that fascinated us to no end as children. But, unfortunately, it’s just that – a myth. What if I told you there was a real-life Atlantis right here in Texas? There are several ghost towns in Texas, but few are underwater ghost towns in Texas.  The tiny Central Texas town of Towash was long ago flooded by the Whitney Dam, but some of the town’s foundation remains intact underwater. Few people know the story behind this underwater town in Texas, so let’s take a closer look.

Did you know there were underwater towns in Texas?! If you’d like to explore Lake Whitney, there are several parks along the shores including Lake Whitney State Park and Cedar Creek Park. If you’ve ever visited Lake Whitney, share your experience in the comments below.


Address: Towash, Texas 76692, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

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July 14, 2022

Where is the creepiest ghost town in Texas?

Did you know that Texas has more ghost towns than any other state in the country? Yep, there are over 500 ghost towns in Texas, and each one has a hauntingly beautiful history. Of course, one of the most popular ghost towns in Texas is Marfa, although the town isn’t truly abandoned, most people consider it a ghost town because, for the most part, it’s pretty uninhabited. Most well known for the Marfa Lights, a ghostly phenomenon with more questions than answers.

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From visiting the many Texas ghost towns to seeing the wild horses frolic along Mustang Island, there are plenty of outdoor adventures in Texas to be had. You might be surprised to learn that scuba diving is a popular pastime here, and Athens Scuba Park is the perfect place to learn. Once you get your scuba certification, head back to explore the underwater city of Towash, Texas!

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Address: Towash, Texas 76692, USA