Take This Road Trip To The Most Charming Route 66 Towns In Texas

Come get your kicks on Route 66 when you take this road trip to eight of the most charming Route 66 towns in Texas. Follow the Mother Road from the ghost town of Glenrio all the way to Texola for an unforgettable journey through time. You’ll eat at a retro cafe, see the iconic Cadillac Ranch, and explore historic town squares frozen in the past. The 186-mile drive only takes about three hours from start to finish, so it makes a wonderful day trip!

Visit Google Maps for the customizable trip itinerary.

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Address: Glenrio, TX 79045, USA
Address: Adrian, TX 79001, USA
Address: Vega, TX 79092, USA
Address: Amarillo, TX, USA
Address: Groom, TX 79039, USA
Address: McLean, TX 79057, USA
Address: Shamrock, TX 79079, USA
Address: Texola, OK, USA