Nashville’s Abandoned Cornelia Fort Airpark Is A Fascinating Piece Of History

Nashville is being built up fairly quickly, with old buildings getting knocked down to make way for new developments and businesses across town. Although expansion is always exciting, it’s also a bit sad. The city is losing its historical core, and it’s places like Cornelia Fort Airpark in Nashville that keeps the heart of what once was alive. If you haven’t been, this abandoned airpark in Nashville is well worth the experience.

Have you been to the Cornelia Airpark? Do you want to visit more abandoned places in Nashville?

If you’re looking for more information on the Cornelia Fort Pickin’ Party, make sure to check out the official Facebook page.

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Address: Cornelia Fort Airport, 1199 Shadow Ln #1093, Nashville, TN 37206, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Airpark In Nashville

June 11, 2022

Are there any abandoned towns near Nashville?

One of the most compeling stories of an abandoned place near Nashville is the town of Old Jefferson.

The mystery of abandoned places in Nashville can capture the imagination. The abandoned town of Old Jefferson is undoubtedly a mystery worthy of some investigation. In 1963 the residents of Old Jefferson were told that their homes would be underwater after a dam was constructed as part of the Percy Priest Lake initiative. The land was purchased, and the town was burned to the ground. But mysteriously, when the dam was finished, the water drained into hidden caves in Long Hunter State Park, sparing what was once Old Jefferson.

Are there any abandoned places in Nashville I can hike to?

One of the best hikes to an abandoned place is in Big South Fork to an old abandoned town called No Business.

An abandoned village is hidden deep in the Big South Fork National Recreation Area. You can attempt to hike to it, but like many of the abandoned places in Nashville, it isn't on the official park map. The town of No Business was founded in 1796, and the final resident left town in 1960. Since then, nature has been making quick work of what is left of this tiny town. Legend has it, No Business can be found near the John Muir overlook. Follow a small horse trail as it meanders next to No Business Creek. Whether you find the abandoned town of No Business or not, you have a lovely hike in the beautiful Big South Fork National Recreation Area.

What are some of the weirdest places I can visit in Nashville?

Some of the weirdest places to visit in Nashville:

It's fun to visit strange, quirky places, and Nashville has plenty of them. From the abandoned airpark in Nashville to the burial place of James K. Polk, you can find something "weird" lurking in every part of town. For example, visit the only replica of the Parthenon in the world in Centennial Park. Or head to the Tomato Art Fest for a parade, food, and tomato art. Have fun discovering all the unusual spots in our great city!