Why Everyone In South Carolina Should Visit This One Tiny Town

The next time you’re heading west from Columbia on I-26 traveling toward Greenville or Spartanburg, think about passing through the tiny town of Peak, South Carolina. It’s less than 10 minutes from I-26. A picturesque mountain community not far from Chapin, SC, the tiny charming town of Peak will warm your heart.

According to an extensive survey report by TR Garrow Associates of Columbia, in the 1920s the state’s economy was very much dependent upon the cotton and tobacco industries. But a collapse in the prices for both, plus the arrival of the boll weevil caused the depression to hit South Carolina almost a decade earlier than everywhere else in the country.

Starting in 1921, farm values, land values – everything crashed and farmers were forced to borrow against their new small property values or lose their land and be forced out.

We can’t be sure why this seemingly thriving town in the early 1900s stopped growing. Nor can we be certain why Peak’s population has declined from a high of 183 residents in 1910 all the way back down to near its official 1880 census count of 62. But we can be sure that Peak has survived. Today’s residents of Peak are a testament to that fact.

Think about that as you pass through admiring this tiny town. If you look closely enough at the land and the buildings you’ll see much more than pure southern charm. You’ll see the resilience of generations of families that have prevailed in keeping this tiny town alive for the last 135 years.