There’s A Little Known Unique Landmark In South Carolina And It’s Truly Spectacular

Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve in Lexington, South Carolina is a 460-acre heritage preserve approximately 30 minutes southwest of Columbia. The unique nature park features a sandstone rock outcropping that’s millions of years old and it’s absolutely stunning.

Even though our beloved Peachtree Rock has fallen, there’s a new Peachtree Rock to admire at this heritage preserve in South Carolina. The little known “Little Peachtree Rock” landmark may be smaller but she’s still a marvel. Have you discovered her yet? We’d love to see your photos in our comments on Facebook.

Peachtree Rock may be the smallest landmark in the Palmetto State, but the largest landmark in the state is also spectacular. For an aerial look at the state’s largest and most well-known landmark, read You’ve Never Seen This Awe Inspiring Spot In South Carolina Like This Before.