One Of The First Mill Towns In The Country, Graniteville, South Carolina, Has A Dark And Storied History

In the 1840s, as northern states in the U.S. were flourishing during the period of industrialization, the South loomed far behind until one man, William Gregg, moved into South Carolina and made some changes. His insight and efforts brought the South into play with the prospering New England states, making one little town in South Carolina one of the first mill towns in the entire South.

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While it is true that few towns and cities around the state are without a tragic tale or two, the tiny community of Graniteville has seen a lot of tragedy in its 176 years since Gregg arrived to build out one of the first mill towns in the South. Have you passed through Graniteville, or do you know someone who is from there? Let us know!

Address: Graniteville, SC, USA