You Won’t Even Recognize South Carolina When You Watch This Historical Footage From The 1950s

One of the 13 original colonies, South Carolina has a long and storied past. Of course, the state’s history is both complicated and nuanced, and definitely worth learning more about. Over the years, however, South Carolina has evolved into what it is today: a proud Southern state full of history and beauty. We found some video footage of South Carolina from the 1950s, and it really captures the spirit of the era. It’s simultaneously timeless, yet also feels like a whole other world. A decade of immense change and transformation, you might not even recognize South Carolina when you watch this historical footage from the 1950s.

The Palmetto State is a beautiful, wondrous place, with a magnetic quality that really pulls people in. From its bayous and beaches, to cities and attractions, the state has always been a natural beauty, and we hope you enjoy watching this South Carolina 1950s video footage as much as we did!

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