9 Stores That Anyone Who Grew Up In Pennsylvania Will Undoubtedly Remember

Who’s up for a trip down Memory Lane? Remember going to your favorite stores as a kid? Or, those stores that your parents dragged you to, kicking and screaming (well, not literally)? Let’s take a moment to remember some of them today. Sadly, this list includes 80s stores that no longer exist – except in our memories. See how many you remember.

How many of these popular stores in the 1980s do you remember? Let’s keep the list going! Pennsylvania’s a huge state so, obviously, this list is far from complete. What other stores from the past do you fondly – or even not-so-fondly – remember? Share below! Then take a peek at the 12 things you’ll remember if you grew up in Pennsylvania in the 1980s.

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Popular Stores In The 1980s

May 04, 2022

What are some 80s stores that no longer exist?

Do you ever feel like taking a trip down Memory Lane? How much fun is it to think of the things we did in childhood, especially in the 80s – Friday nights at the roller skating rink, Saturday nights at the mall, and saving our quarters to play video games at our favorite arcade? And who can forget the after school specials on TV? If you grew up as part of Gen X, you probably remember all of those things quite well. Well, how about some of the 80s stores that no longer exist? Going to the mall or the local strip mall, for example, often meant a trip to Woolworth or GC Murphy’s (you might have even called it Murphy’s Mart).  Murphy’s had the best snack bar, with hoagies, slushies, and a whole lot of goodies. If we want the latest popular toys – like Cabbage Patch Kids – we would beg our parents to go to Children’s Palace, the prelude to Toys R Us. We can’t forget Hills, either, which had a pretty sweet toy section.

What are some of the popular stores of the 80s?

Quick – what’s the first thing you think when your hear Hills? Chances are it’s not a word but a smell. Popcorn, soft pretzels, and hot dogs all cooking behind the snack bar as soon as you entered the store, right? If we were lucky, we’d have one of those goodies paired with a slushy. Hills would later become Ames; which did you like better? When we needed shampoo, OTC meds, or Band-Aids, we’d head to Thrift Drug or, a bit later on, Phar-Mor. Pittsburghers flocked to the downtown Kaufmann’s, where the windows came alive at Christmastime and the bargain basement was the place to go for the best sales. We can’t forget Gimbels, Hornes, and Gable’s either.