This Eerie And Fantastic Footage Takes You Inside Oklahoma’s Abandoned Pitcher Ghost Town

Known as the most toxic town in America is Picher, Oklahoma – an abandoned ghost town that looks like an apocalyptic city in northeastern Oklahoma. It was deemed a Superfund site by the EPA as a result of years of mining and dumping mountains called “chats” on top of the ground. But before this happened, it was once a thriving town with over 10,000 residents and thousands of buildings. Today, it’s highly cautioned to avoid the area, not only because it’s rumored to be haunted, but because it’s highly toxic. Instead, take a look below at the images and video footage captured over the last few years.

To get an up close view of Picher, check out this video:


Can you believe this place exists in Oklahoma? If you have any stories of this abandoned ghost town, please share your experience in the comments section.

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Address: Picher, OK 74360, USA