There’s A Hike Near Cleveland That Leads You Straight To An Abandoned Village

It’s impossible to picture the Old West without its iconic ghost towns. Here on the easternmost edge of the Midwest, abandoned towns are few and far between… right? While it may be mind-blowing to consider, many communities here in Ohio have ceased to exist over the eras. Some residents had property seized to establish a national park, while others were driven to relocate when local industries simply became outdated and unnecessary.

There are many places in Greater Cleveland that have been immortalized only in photographs, but there’s a nearby destination where you can still explore the remnants of one community’s extinct industry. Lace up your hiking boots and prepare for an adventure – we’re heading to a park that’s best known for its grand waterfall, but also offers the opportunity to hike to the remains of an abandoned village.

There’s oodles of majesty in the heart of Bedford Reservation, particularly on and around the banks of Tinker’s Creek. When will you be paying this area a visit?

If you enjoyed this hike, you’ll adore learning about the nearby ghost town.