12 Haunting Photos Of Cleveland’s Abandoned Astronomy Tower That Will Leave You In Awe

The growth of Cleveland has changed its cityscape in many notable ways. One of the sadder effects of growth is that along the way, many pre-existing structures become obsolete and growth almost certainly leads to a bit of pollution. Both issues are one and the same when it comes to this one abandoned observatory in East Cleveland, and you won’t believe how Mother Nature is reclaiming it.

Though vines try to mask the building’s facade, they cannot hide its beauty. This stunning building offers a glimpse back in time to Cleveland’s most populated decades, a time when its population boasted nearly 529,000 more people than it is currently home to. Though it is in an unfortunate state of decay, it speaks volumes about the moving power of Mother Nature.

Note: The Warner and Swasey Observatory is located on private property, and therefore closed to the public. Please respect the owners and do not visit without permission. Trespassing is a crime, and the decrepit state of the structure make unsafe to explore. Enjoy these photos instead!

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