Step Inside The Creepy, Abandoned Town Of Little Egypt In Cleveland

If you’re a lifelong Clevelander, you probably wouldn’t realize that a place as populated as Northeast Ohio would have ghost towns. However, that’s only because the remnants of many communities have been absorbed by parks and annexed into surrounding towns and cities. Are you ready to take a tour back in time? You don’t have to look far, but the remnants of this once-bustling community and the lives lost there have become the creepiest abandoned town in Cleveland.

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Greater Cleveland hides many secrets, but one wouldn’t expect an entire community to be lost to the sands of time. And yet, it happened to Little Egypt, and most people don’t realize that remnants of its existence still hide in the area.

As the creepiest abandoned town in Cleveland, Little Egypt has quite the story. Do you remember this community that once was? Share your stories in the comments below!

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Creepiest Abandoned Town In Ohio

September 07, 2019

What other abandoned places are there in Ohio?

While places like the Wild West are famous for (or, rather, infamous for) ghost towns, quaint places like Ohio are not widely known for abandoned communities. However, we do have quite a few abandoned cities, and in places like Cleveland you’ll find a number of abandoned buildings that some would count amongst the scariest places in Ohio. Cleveland is, interestingly enough, home to an abandoned telescope factory and observatory. It’s also home to an old aquarium that lies in a state of decay. If you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll find a number of abandoned places in Ohio throughout your travels.

Are there any hiking trails to abandoned places in Ohio?

There sure are! Throughout the Buckeye State, you will find a number of fascinating hikes. Hillandale Bridge up near Cleveland has a super spooky atmosphere to it, and you’ll find a number of abandoned and forgotten quarries along the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail. Down south, you’ll find the Moonville Rail Tunnel, a remnant of one of the most well-known ghost towns in Ohio.

What ghost towns can you find in Ohio?

Some of the abandoned places in Ohio have grown largely forgotten by locals, and they now live on as local legend. In Southeast Ohio, you might hear whispers of an abandoned town called Mineral as you travel among the rolling landscape. In some places, you may find that nature is reclaiming the landscape… as one would expect with the state’s many abandoned shopping malls. While our ghost towns may be few and far between in this modern day and age, you can always visit a lovingly restored replica of an 1880s ghost town, or just admire the fascinating forgotten buildings throughout the state that sit in an eternal state of decomposition.