Interstate 94 Practically Runs Through All Of North Dakota And It’s A Beautiful Drive

Do you ever find yourself bored and wishing that there was just some magical highway you could turn into an epic road trip with very little effort (but maximum levels of fun)? Well, worry not, and look no further – it just so happens that there’s a highway that fits this description perfectly. It’s Interstate 94, and it runs in a nearly perfect west-to-east line across the entire state of North Dakota. You might have known that I-94 is a thing that exists, but did you know that Interstate 94 in North Dakota is actually one heck of a scenic, educational, and all-around fun drive? It’s true – here are just a few highlights you’ll find along the way on this delightful road trip across North Dakota.

For more information about Interstate 94, visit the official website that details the Interstate 94 tour across North Dakota. This is an amazing thing to do if you’re a local OR if you’re just visiting – we promise!

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Address: Interstate 94, I-94, Fargo, ND, USA

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