The Stunning North Dakota Drive That Is One Of The Best Road Trips You Can Take In America

Did you know that some of the best scenic drives in the United States can be found in beautiful North Dakota? It’s true; our stunning little state is home to no less than 13 wonderful scenic drives, all of which are worthy of a day trip on their own. For now, let’s focus on one of the awe-inspiring scenic drives in North Dakota that doesn’t tend to get enough attention. Nestled within western North Dakota is the Killdeer Mountain Four Bears Scenic Byway, a 64-mile stretch of beautiful road that’s calling your name right… about… now. This is one scenic drive in North Dakota you cannot afford to miss.

Whether you choose to take it north-to-south or south-to-north, the Killdeer Mountain Four Bears Scenic Byway is a treat and a half. Don’t hesitate to stop as much as you want; after all, what’s the point of a road trip other than relaxation? Might as well take it slow and enjoy every moment. For more information about this route, check out the official North Dakota Tourism website.

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Address: North Dakota 22, ND-22, Killdeer, ND, USA