The Sinister Story Behind This Popular New Mexico Scout Camp Will Give You Chills

New Mexico is full of haunted and mysterious locations, particularly around Cimmaron, in northeast New Mexico. Cimmaron is known for its connection to the wild (and bawdy) West, not to mention ghosts. They hang out and taunt guests at the St. James Hotel, where at least 20 people met a violent Old West end. While the St. James has a sinister past, it’s the picturesque Urraca Mesa at Philmont Scout Ranch, (just outside of Cimmaron), that wins the award for creepy. Don’t let this mesa’s beauty fool you. Despite its scenic vistas, Urraca’s history is deeper, darker and much more sinister.

So, up for a hike? Unfortunately, Urraca Mesa is privately owned by the Philmont Scout Ranch. Unless you are a scout or a guest, you are out of luck. But maybe that’s not a bad thing.

Any Philmont alumni out there? Did you experience anything out of the norm on the mesa? We’d love to hear about it.