Here Are The 15 Smartest Cities In New Jersey To Live In

Intelligence is subjective and there are many ways to measure it. For curiosity’s sake, I went with towns that had the highest percentage of residents (age 25 and older) with bachelor’s degrees. Of course, a degree doesn’t make one person smarter than another, and there are many possible metrics. Still, it’s interesting to know which towns are the “smartest.” Here’s the list of New Jersey’s top 15 most educated towns with populations over 1000, based on data from

Other towns that were well educated, but with populations under 1000, included Allamuchy and Mantaloking. For comparison’s sake, approximately 35% of New Jersey residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher. This may not seem like much, but it’s actually quite an accomplishment – the national average is 30% and only 4 states top 35% (Maryland, Massachusetts, Colorado and Connecticut).

It’s not surprising that these towns are among the wealthiest in New Jersey, but it is interesting to know. Though most of the top ranked towns in the state are in North Jersey, the whole state can rejoice in the fact that we’re smarter than most of the country. New Jersey came in 2nd in the nation for children’s education, according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, based on preschool attendance, 4th grade reading proficiency, 8th grade math proficiency, and on-time high school graduation rates.

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