This Rare Footage In The 1960s Shows New Jersey Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Here at Only In New Jersey, I do my best to bring you the most fascinating, unique and plain old fun places in the Garden State. I like to highlight all the amazing things we have to offer, from hidden gems to top attractions; I also like to celebrate our compelling past. Let’s imagine for a second that the internet was around decades ago – what would I write about? This incredible video combining travel and history has the answer. From “fountain bathing” in Hopatcong State Park to the beginnings of Batsto Village as we know it, watching this was worth every minute.

Owned by Henry Howard Studios and uploaded to YouTube (with permission) by Wildwood Video Archive, this unique footage features some fantastic places in the Garden State – which is your favorite? Do you have memories of New Jersey in the ’60s? For more vintage New Jersey, check out This Nostalgic New Jersey Video Will Bring Back Fond Memories, These 32 Rare Vintage Postcards Of The Jersey Shore Will Have You Feeling Nostalgic and 12 Things You Can’t Do In New Jersey Anymore… But Wish You Could.