These 13 Lighthouses In New Jersey Will Leave You In Awe

New Jersey has 130 miles of coastline and has several major ports, so it should come as no surprise that we have our fair share of lighthouses. Some are historically significant, others are architecturally brilliant – all are incredible in their own way. New Jerseyans love our lighthouses, and show our support each year during the Lighthouse Challenge. It’s this weekend, so in honor of the charity event, here are some great shots of the lovely lighthouses around our state.

If you’re interested in visiting these lighthouses, along with life saving stations, consider participating in the New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge, from October 20 – 21. Visit all the required lighthouses and related life saving stations over the weekend, collect a $2 souvenir at each location, and become eligible for a $1000 prize drawing! It doesn’t cost much, it’s definitely an adventure, and it supports the preservation of these beautiful nautical attractions. You’ll also have the opportunity to take special night climbs! To learn more, visit the Light House Challenge’s official website.