The Lighthouse Road Trip On The New Jersey Coast That’s Dreamily Beautiful

New Jersey is home to some truly spectacular lighthouses; we’ve got architectural gems loaded with rich history dotted all along our coast. While one of the best ways to see them all is by taking the 2-day lighthouse challenge, held annually in October, you can still enjoy a select few over the course of a summer road trip. Take in some of our most notable lighthouses while enjoying the beach along the way!

For the route, locations, directions and an interactive map, click here. Do you have a favorite lighthouse in New Jersey? Not every lighthouse is featured on this road trip as it’s meant to be a manageable drive and easy to do in terms of time. For more lighthouses to explore, check out this list. One of the great things about Garden State lighthouses is that many are very affordable or even free to visit. For other free summer fun ideas, check out this list.