New Jersey Has Its Own Version Of The Kentucky Derby And You Won’t Want To Miss It

When people think horses, they often think Kentucky. That’s likely because the Kentucky Derby is the most popular horse race in North America, but it’s not the only one. You’ve got the Preakness Stakes (Maryland), Belmont Stakes (New York) and…Far Hills Races, right here in New Jersey.

The races will be held on October 21st at Moorland Farm, 50 Route 202, Far Hills. For all the years I lived in New Jersey, I hadn’t heard of this event until recently. Its existence shouldn’t come as a surprise, though – New Jersey is big on horses. The horse has been our official state animal since 1977, New Jersey has more horses per square mile than any other state and we’re home to the Unites States Equestrian Team. If you are unable to attend, the event will be streamed online at If you’re interested in a more affordable autumn event in New Jersey, check out this fantastic food truck festival.