This Remote Restaurant In New Jersey Will Take You A Million Miles Away From Everything

It’s hard to find a truly remote location in New Jersey, but they do exist. In yesterday’s post I mentioned Sea Breeze, one of the most secluded locations in the Garden State. It’s along the shore, about halfway between Cape May and the Delaware River. However, you won’t find any restaurants there. For one of the most remote restaurants in New Jersey, you’ll have to head a bit further south. Read on to see what I mean…

For a sneak peek and a bit more info, enjoy this short video put together by Crystal Springs Resort:

This is definitely the kind of place you want to visit in person. You can’t fully comprehend the vastness of the collection until you see it for yourself. Whether you choose to take a free tour, or decide to indulge in a meal, this New Jersey gem is certainly something to brag about. To learn more about Crystal Springs Resort and all it has to offer, see my previous post featuring some of this spectacular destination’s amenities.