A Tour Of This Haunted Prison In New Jersey Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

New Jersey is home to some pretty spooky spots, but there’s nothing quite like a haunted prison. Countless souls suffered here and many linger on in limbo, serving a sentence longer than life.

The prison has been investigated by paranormal experts several times over the years, and the footage has always been quite conclusive – it seems that something supernatural roams the halls. For a peek into a recent investigation, check out this short (but spooky) video by Reality Entertainment.

The prison/museum is open from Thursday – Sunday until 4 p.m.. Standard admission is just $5, and discounts are available to students and seniors. Audio tours can be purchased for $3. Perhaps you’ll run into a few spirits on your visit? For more haunted places in New Jersey, check out this Haunted Road Trip of the Garden State.