This Tiny Town In New Jersey Is One Of The Happiest Places In America

I’ve got some Garden State trivia that’s sure to make you smile! According to a 2017 WalletHub study, New Jersey is the sixth happiest state in America. The same site ranked Jersey City among the top 100 happiest cities in the country, coming in ahead of New York City and Nashville, Tennessee. A 2017 SmartAsset study broke happiness down by county – New Jersey’s Hunterdon and Morris Counties both made the top ten. Why is our ranking so high? We’ve got very low depression and divorce rates, and plenty of enjoyable activities to keep us busy.

If we want to single out one tiny town as being among the happiest, that would have to be Cape May. Coastal Living ranked the shore town number six on their 2017 list of happiest beach towns in the USA. What makes it such a cheerful place to be? I think there’s a lot to love. Read on for a few reasons why Cape May is one of the happiest places in America.

What would you guess is the happiest town in New Jersey? Last year, I compiled an entire list based on 2013 data – you can check out that list by clicking here. If New Jersey is your “happy place” you might want to check out this t-shirt: New Jersey Happy Place.