The Epic Breakfast Spot In New Jersey With The Most Amazing Coffee

Food is not only essential, it’s one of my favorite things. Lucky for me, New Jersey does food right. Our tomatoes are delicious, our pizza is perfection, our bagels are the best… I could go on. We also know how to do drinks. I’ve written previously about some over-the-top milkshakes but this diner takes coffee to the next level.

This eatery is just so special, it can’t be missed. You can find it at 860 River Road, Edgewater. A celeb favorite, it might just be your new favorite. Brownstone Pancake Factory has won countless awards and received recognition from food critics across the web. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere cant’ be beat. Just check out the ceiling for a special surprise! For more delicious pancakes in New Jersey, browse this list.