This Remote Lake And Campground Is One Of The Least Touristy Places In Northern New Hampshire

Umbagog Lake State Park is a remote campground in northern New Hampshire, stirring your desire to stay awake until far after nightfall to catch the gleaming stars twinkling over the water. This out-of-the-way lake and campground, pronounced Um-‘bay’-gog, means shallow water in Abenaki, a native American tribe that once resided there. In 1853, the expansive lake was formed from the flooding of Errol dam. This small town’s population is about 260, sitting in the also little Coös County, which has the least number of people in the state. It is tucked in north of the White Mountains along New Hampshire State Route 16 at its intersection with state route 26. To make it more interesting, Coös is the only county in New Hampshire on the Canada–U.S. border and the state’s only international port of entry, the Pittsburg–Chartierville Border Crossing. Let’s explore one of the best remote lakes and campgrounds in New Hampshire.

This unforgettable remote lake and campground in New Hampshire offer the least touristy places to visit in the region. Umbagog Lake State Park will fill your photo albums with memories and your friends’ ears with incredible stories of the fun getaway this otherworldly and one of the best state parks in New Hampshire provides. As you can see, there are plenty of fun things to do outside in New Hampshire.

Address: Umbagog Lake State Park, NH-26, Errol, NH 03579, USA
Address: Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge, Errol, NH 03579, USA