Umbagog Lake State Park is a remote campground in northern New Hampshire, stirring your desire to stay awake until far after nightfall to catch the gleaming stars twinkling over the water. This out-of-the-way lake and campground, pronounced Um-‘bay’-gog, means shallow water in Abenaki, a Native American tribe that once resided there. In 1853, the expansive lake was formed from the flooding of the Errol Dam. This small town’s population is about 260, sitting in the also little Coös County, which has the least number of people in the state. It is tucked in the north of the White Mountains along New Hampshire State Route 16 at its intersection with State Route 26. Let’s explore one of the best remote campgrounds and lakes in New Hampshire.

Take a look at the natural beauty of this place:

This unforgettable remote lake and campground in New Hampshire offer the least touristy places to visit in the region. Umbagog Lake State Park will fill your photo albums with memories and your friends’ ears with incredible stories of the fun getaway this otherworldly and one of the best state parks in New Hampshire provides. As you can see, there are plenty of fun things to do outside in New Hampshire.

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The Natural Beauty of New Hampshire

What are some unique natural wonders in New Hampshire?

Unique natural wonders in New Hampshire include:

  • Emerald Pool in Chatham. The clear, green waters truly do look like the surface of a polished emerald and it’s a lovely swimming hole.
  • Sculpture Rocks Natural Area in Groton. Otherworldly, curved, smooth rocks are divided by pristine pools in this intriguing natural area.
  • The Flume Gorge in Franconia Notch State Park. Locals love to come here to wander in this 200-million-year-old gorge that is 800 feet deep.
  • Arethusa Falls in the White Mountains. This is one of the tallest waterfalls in the state at 140 feet tall and is simply awe-inspiring. 

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What are the most incredible natural attractions in New Hampshire?

The most incredible natural attractions in New Hampshire include:

  • Lakes of the Clouds. This area resembles the highlands of Scotland with mossy stones and lovely lakes at an elevation of 5,000 feet.
  • Thompson Falls. This is a hidden waterfall about a mile from Wildcat Mountain and it is simply gorgeous and well worth seeking out.
  • Jenness Stae Beach. This stunning beach has fine sand, wonderful waves, and magnificent ocean views that you’ll want to soak in all day.
  • Pemigewasset Wilderness Area. This is 45,000 acres of rugged, remote wilderness and you won’t ever forget the views here.

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What are the most relaxing nature spots in New Hampshire?

The most relaxing nature spots in New Hampshire include:

  • Ossipee Lake Natural Area. This is a wonderful place to take a kayak and paddle along at a leisurely pace.
  • Coliseum Falls. These are a series of small waterfalls whose sounds will soothe you and the beauty of the area will surprise you.
  • White Mountains Overlook in Woodstock. If you’re driving in this area, make sure to stop here and take in the absolutely gorgeous view.
  • The North Hampton Seacoast. Sit near the rocky seashore and watch the waves course through all the beautiful rocks.

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