When spring and summer arrive in New Hampshire there are plenty of excuses to get outside. From scenic hikes to beautiful drives, some of the best ways to enjoy the state include simply getting outside. One of the easiest methods for immersing yourself in nature is to plan a good ol’ fashioned camping trip! And, this pirate ship campground in New Hampshire is one of the most fun! It’s easy to book a regular spot to pop your tent, but we recommend making some unique plans instead. This is arrrggguably the best thing you’ll do all year!

Moose Hillock Camping Resort typically opens in the spring and keeps the fun going through the fall. You can keep track of when they open for the season by visiting the Moose Hillock Camping Resort website. You can learn more by following Moose Hillock Campground on Facebook. They can be reached at 603-764-5294.

For more unique ways to spend the night under the stars, take a look at these 8 incredible yurts located throughout the state.

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Camping in New Hampshire

Are there any good campgrounds for winter camping in New Hampshire?

There are plenty of good campgrounds for winter camping in New Hampshire. Some of the best include:

  • Danforth Bay Camping & RV Resort, Freedom
  • Blackberry Mountain Campground, Conway
  • Apple Hill Campground, Bethlehem
  • Lafayette Place Campground, Lincoln
  • Ramblewood Cabins and Campground, Pittsburg
  • Meredith Woods Four Season Camping Area, Meredith
  • Crazy Horse Family Campground, Littleton
  • Hancock Campground, White Mountain National Forest


Start planning your visit to each of these stunning New Hampshire parks.

Does New Hampshire have any natural wonders?

New Hampshire has plenty of natural wonders to explore. Some of the best are the following:

  • Beaver Brook Falls, Colebrook: In addition to being one of the most beautiful sights in the state, this waterfall is easy to access. Simply drive up, park, and look at the cascades!
  • Devil's Hopyard, Stark: People call this beauty a miniature version of Royal Gorge and we think you'll agree.
  • Lost River Gorge, Kinsman Notch: The natural landscape of this natural wonder was created over 300 million years ago when the Ice Age carried mile-thick glaciers all over the area.
  • Diana’s Baths, near North Conway: One of the most beloved natural wonders in the state, these perfectly smooth rock formations make some of the best pools for swimming.
  • Flume Gorge, Franconia: This gorge was formed over 200 years ago and today it's one of the most visited nature areas in New Hampshire. While it's often crowded, it's truly magnificent and worth a visit.


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