This Tiny New Hampshire Town Near The Maine Border Is Perfect For A Weekend Away

Getting away for a weekend makes a long week feel a bit more bearable. But these days planning a trip can come with more stress than the time away can alleviate. That’s why local staycations are high on our bucket list these days. Heading just a few miles away from home can often provide just the getaway we need and this town, located on the Maine border is a great option.

Have you visited Errol? If so, we’d love to hear some of your must-do activities. And if you have recommendations for great places to eat, don’t forget to share! There’s nothing quite like a local meal when you’re traveling through New Hampshire.

Errol isn’t the only place here that we think is worth a visit. The heart and soul of New Hampshire is the small towns and these 7 have the best downtown areas to explore!

Address: Errol, NH, USA
Address: Umbagog Lake, United States
Address: LODGING ON THE ANDROSCOGGIN, 150 Main St, Errol, NH 03579, USA
Address: Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge, Errol, NH 03579, USA
Address: L.L. Cote, 7 Main St, Errol, NH 03579, USA
Address: Dixville Notch State Park, NH-26, Colebrook, NH 03576, USA