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Montana is an old state with a lot of history. Naturally, we’ve got all kinds of historic buildings that some say are haunted. There’s something especially eerie about a haunted hotel, perhaps because the idea of someone (or something) sneaking up on you when you’re sleeping is so terrifying. The ghosts that are said to roam these eight haunted hotels in Montana are harmless, so don’t hesitate to book a room at any of them. Just don’t be surprised if you end up with uninvited guests.

Have you stayed at any of these haunted hotels? Tell us about your experiences, if you’ve had any! For more of our spooky stories, this list includes a few more haunted places in Montana.

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Haunted Hotels in Montana

What is the most haunted hotel in Montana?  

There is no shortage at all of haunted places in Montana, many of which are hotels or inns and/or beds and breakfast. Perhaps the most notoriously haunted hotel in Montana is the old Sacajawea Hotel in Three Forks. This hotel is still in operation, and it is SPOOKY. It’s not a huge place, having only 29 rooms, but still – the ghost stories swirl. For decades, there have been reports of all kinds of unsettling goings-on at the hotel; the most prominent ghost at the Sacajawea is that of a housekeeper who passed a long time ago. She likes to startle guests by emerging from walls and then vanishing into thin air after. On more than one occasion, police have been called thanks to creepy activity, though, of course, the perps are never found. 

What are some creepy Montana ghost stories?  

Montana is one of those places that goes way, way back, and as a result it tends to be rumored and spoken of as a place with many ghosts. Some of the most notorious Montana ghost stories include stories surrounding places like the ones that swirl around The Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls. Employees have literally QUIT because the spooks scared them so much. The lore includes the story of a little boy who died in the basement once upon a time, and they say you can still hear kids playing in the halls, but you won’t see them. Another infamous Montana ghost story is that of the ghosts of Little Bighorn, which is thought to be haunted by the spirits of Native Americans as well as General Custer himself.  

Where are some legitimately haunted places in Montana?  

There is no shortage of haunted places in Montana to go around. Some of our favorite notoriously haunted places in Montana (other than ones already mentioned) include the entire city of Virginia City, where sightings of various spirits are regularly spotted. The Daly Mansion in Hamilton is also infamously known for its ghosts, and so is the ghost town known as Garnet. There’s also the Many Glacier Hotel, within Glacier National Park, which is said to be THE most haunted place in Montana.  

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