Mississippi’s beaches aren’t exactly known for having the cleanest water, despite being beautiful to look at. However, you may be surprised to learn just how unclean the water actually is. And you might be even more dismayed when you find out what it’s contaminated with. There is some pretty gross news for you if you’ve ever wondered “why is the Mississippi gulf coast water brown?” Take a look:

So, did you know what was lurking in the beach water, or were you searching for things like, “why is Biloxi beach water brown?” or “why is the water brown on the Mississippi gulf coast?” Does learning all of this unfortunate information affect the chances of you visiting the beach? Or, do you already avoid the beaches on the Gulf Coast? Please tell us all of your thoughts about this topic in the comments section.

The beaches may be closed but there are plenty of other places to cool off. In fact, our state is full of gorgeous places to enjoy the water. Read about some of the best swimming holes in Mississippi.


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